Our center will be closed for business beginning tomorrow, Sept 9th until Sept 15th, due to mandatory evacuations because of Hurricane Irma.

We have already contacted and rescheduled all our existing appointments and will do our best to accommodate those appointments with top priority once the storm has passed.

We wish everyone to be safe and take extra precautions during these unpredictable times.

Please keep checking back for updates!

** UPDATE ** 09/12/2017

The center and our entire staff are safe and sound.  Our building was untouched but are without power as most residents and business are at this time.  FPL has indicated that it could take at least a week or two to restore power.  We will continue to provide updates as to when we expect to reopen for business.  We truly hope all of you and your families are safe and sound.

** UPDATE ** 09/22/2017

The center will reopen on Monday, Sept 25.  We have rescheduled our prior appointments and are booked up until October 7th.  We understand that Irma has devastated a lot of our local communities.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have endured Irma’s wrath.  We gathering water, food, and supplies to help those families in need.  If you wish to participate or help our efforts, please email us at



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