We have so much to be thankful this year and wanted to take the time out to thank our loyal customers, business partners, and friends for what has been a fantastic year for our company.  Throughout the year we have received amazing reviews, thank you letters, and phone calls from patients that we have helped improve their health, mobility, and overall outlook on life.  We are so thankful to know that we have made a difference in your lives.

Most businesses measure their success based on profits, but we at Synergy Massage Therapy measure it by how our patients improve their lives, mobility, and overall health through our services.  Because of this great success in 2018, word has spread like wild fire, and we have completely outgrown our current location.  So we are moving to a newer and much bigger location with more seasoned professionals on December 3rd this year.

This means more availability so that we can get you in sooner and extended hours of operation during season so that we can make it more convenient for those who do not have 8-5 work schedules.  Our goal is to be able to serve as many folks as we can because we know the need is definitely here.

Once again, we are so thankful that we have been able to make such a big difference in your health and cannot wait for all of you to see our new location.  We will update our website contact information and will send an email as well with the new location which is minutes away from our current location.

Thank you and hope you all have a wonderful holiday week/end with friends and family !!!

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