This year we are offering 10% OFF all gift certificates so that you can give your mothers what they deserve — time to relax.

Let’s face it… being a mother is hard work, can often be stressful, and finding time to unwind is rare.

So what better way to reward all the loving moms out there than with a soothing massage by a 5-star rated licensed massage therapist!!!

You can easily buy our gift certificates online or call us to take advantage of this great deal.

Offer ends on 05/13/2018.

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Time flies when you having fun and Easter is just a few weeks away !!!

No matter how you celebrate this holiday, we got something special for you.

We are donating a free 60 minute massage (Swedish or Deep Tissue) and all you have to do is refer a friend to earn a raffle ticket to enter this contest.

No purchase necessary.

One raffle ticket per person.

Email us at for more details and for entry forms.

Deadline to submit your referral submissions is by midnight on 03/28/2018, and winner will be announced on 03/29/2018 by 2:00 PM EST.

The winner will have to redeem their free 60 minute massage by no later than 04/30/2018.

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We hope your year has been nothing short of amazing so far and we hope to keep your positive progress flowing!

This month we are offering you 20% OFF our 60 minute Reiki sessions.

That’s $15 back into your wallet — and who doesn’t like to save money???

Offer ends on 03/31/2018.

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Happy New Years to you and your family !!!

Many of us take this time to reflect on how we can improve our health.  Many of us think of diets and exercise… but what about relaxation?

Our daily lives are filled with stress-driven demands that actually make us feel tired, gain weight, and lose our focus/drive.

We can help.

Massage is not just a great method to soothe muscles, speed up recovery from injuries, or end to a fantastic day at the spa….

… It is a tool to help you reach YOUR goals in life.

A relaxed mind = a relaxed body = a relaxed self.

A relaxed mind is the key to making better decisions because you have clarity, focus, and emotionally healthy.

A relaxed body allows you to be more energetic, faster, and comfortable during times of stress.

A relaxed self is the combination of all things going well for you and your future to help you reach this year’s goals !

Are you ready for a more relaxed year than the last?  Come see us today !